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What is the "Conversation Course"?

The English conversation course will give you the language skills and confidence you need for your daily work in English!

A fun way to improve your English! The conversation course is an English training in a small group (3- 6 participants) who practice English conversation in weekly sessions with the trainer. In a casual atmosphere, the participants enjoy an interesting conversation about current topics in English while gaining self-confidence and improving their fluency in the language.

Through a language training based on fluency, corrections and building confidence, the conversation course will help you to improve your English. You′ll learn to "think in English" and to "find the words" more quickly. With gentle corrections from the trainer, you′ll also learn to be aware of and correct your specific weak points and errors in the language. Finally, you′ll gain the confidence to feel more relaxed and natural when you communicate in English, and to lose any shyness that may have built up in the past.

You′ll learn to feel more comfortable in every communication situation in English!

Check it out! Your first session is free of charge!

For informationen about current courses see "Current courses", or call: 06221 / 430 8437.