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What can business English coaching do for me?

English coaching prepares you for specific business situations in English. Coaching goes beyond the basics of language to the more cultural and psychological expression that you need for your business. It offers practice, corrections, assistance and tips on how to come across better to your counterpart or audience, how to find the right tone you need, the difference between casual and formal, the use modern English idioms, as well as texts of common phrases used in these situations.

Some of the coaching services offered:

Presenting - the chance to practice your presentation in English (on video, if you′d like) to be sure that there are no errors or misunderstandings in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation or modern idioms. Also, learn the key phrases commonly used in each step of a presentation. You can then go onstage with the confidence that you′ll say it the way you really meant it to sound!

Meetings - learn the typical phrases used in meetings, how to express your opinion, argue your points politely, diplomatically disagree, etc.

Negotiating - find the exact way to make your pitch to your customers and clients: casual or formal, diplomatic or firm, subtle or direct. You′ll get tips on how to have the effect you want and be successful in your sales negotiations.

Counseling - for those in counseling or medical professions - how to find the right words in situations where you need to speak both gently and precisely, and also make sure that your clients′ feelings are respected.

Job interviews - prepare yourself for your job interview in English through role-playing. Be confident that you know the right words and phrases ahead of time!

Telephoning - practice typical phrases for making and receiving phone calls.

E-mails - corrections on and help with writing your e-mails, as well as exercises on standard phrases used in business e-mails.