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What can English training do for me?

English training will help you to speak more quickly and fluently, to correct your specific weak points in the language and to gain the confidence to feel more relaxed and natural when you communicate in English in business. Your individual needs and goals will be targeted and your English skills improved through a customized program just for you.

Fluency- through active conversation practice you will learn to "think in English" and to "find the words" more quickly. The passive English grammar and vocabulary that you learned in school will be activated through conversation sessions with the trainer, increasing your ability to communicate more spontaneously.

Corrections - through the process of gentle corrections while speaking, you will learn to be aware of and to correct your typical errors in English.

Grammar and vocabulary - written exercises and/or audio exercises may also be recommended for better understanding of language elements. The most up-to-date learning methods and material help you to learn more efficiently in less time.

Confidence - you will be given the confidence to find your own natural "flow" with English, to lose any shyness or self-consciousness that may have built up in classroom or work situations in the past. You will learn to feel comfortable in every communication situation in English!