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Roxanne Felfe
English Training & Coaching

I′ve been doing English trainings for business people in the Heidelberg/Walldorf area since 2003. My clientele consists of business people from a broad range of professions: sales persons, lawyers, medical doctors and nurses, software developers, IT consultants, engineers, scientists, managers, secretaries and psychologists.

My English courses are unique in that I incorporate the key points of communication psychology into my lessons. My students learn much more than just basic English grammar and vocabulary in their lessons. They learn the subtle uses of language necessary to deal with their business contacts successfully, how to find their own natural flow in English, and how to make use of modern learning methods in order to learn faster and more efficiently

It′s important to me to create a course that meets the individual needs of each student, so that he/she feels confident to successfully deal with the everyday communication challenges of working at a global company. The course should also be interesting and fun - with a relaxed atmosphere - so that my students can really look forward to each English session.

Originally from the Fort Worth/Dallas Metroplex of north Texas, I made Heidelberg my home in 1993. I studied at Tarrant County College in north Texas, majoring in two branches of communication psychology: Interpersonal Communication and Business & Professional Communication, as well as courses in English grammar and English Literature.