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Seminare für Business-Englisch

Seminare mit verschiedenen Grammatik-, Vokabular- und Business-Englisch Themen werden das ganze Jahr über angeboten. Lernen Sie genau das, was Sie brauchen, in kurzen, effizienten Seminaren.

Aktuelle Seminare:

Relokation Beratung: Einzelnunterricht
Moving to the USA? Tips for getting started in the States.
This private course will fully prepare you for your relocation to America. You will learn the important differences in customs, morals and values that you need to deal with social and business situations. In addition, you will get tips on the practical matters of adjusting to a new life: drivers license, bank accounts, apartments, day care for children, organic food products, household products & furniture, neighborhoods, safety, etc. A handbook is included. Here's a chance to have all your questions answered before your new start in the USA!
16 Stunden; Termin nach Vereinbarung

English for Busy People
Too busy to learn English?
This short seminar will give you tips on modern learning methods and materials, and show you how to create your own learning plan with as little as 10 minutes per day.
August 27 at 19.00-20.30
25, -

Presentations in English
Go onstage with the confidence that you'll say it the way you really meant it to sound!
In this seminar you'll have the chance to practice your presentation in English (on video, if you'd like) to be sure that there are no errors or misunderstandings in your grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation. Also, learn the key phrases commonly used in each step of a presentation.
September 27 & 28; 9:00 - 17:30
160, -

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