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Roxanne Felfe
English Training & Coaching

You need good English communication skills for your work...
You can read in English, have learned grammar rules long ago, and can understand a lot. But you often have difficultly expressing yourself in speaking, can′t find the words, or feel unsure. You′d like to improve your fluency so you can feel really confident dealing with all of your business communication situations in English. You simply want a chance to learn to really express yourself well in English conversation!

Business English training and coaching will give you the language skills and confidence you need for your daily work in English! Whether you need to extensively improve your ability in the language or simply re-activate and refresh the level that you once spoke years ago, English training and coaching sessions will help you to feel more comfortable in every communication situation in English.

  • A customized learning program that targets your exact goals in English
    - no time is wasted on unnecessary lessons!

  • Practice English conversation in a fun, relaxed, friendly setting
    - no more dry classroom situations!

  • One-to-one sessions or in a small group (3 - 6 participants).

  • Coaching on your specific work situations in English.

  • The most up-to-date learning methods and material
    - tips on how to learn more efficiently in less time.

  • Flexible appointments that fit to your busy schedule.

  • Affordable course fees.